Tips on How to Build Brand and Reputation Based on Personal Experience

A lot of people have been struggling with building their own reputation and same also goes with branding. While we all experience such situation at some point in our lives, it’s important that we know how to stand up every time we fall and let all the people know how optimistic you are in everything you do.  

Whether you are trying to build your business reputation, product reputation or a personal reputation, the basic steps on how to develop a successful reputation are always the same. As a matter of fact, reputation is not easily built overnight. This means that you must be completely ready to commit to it long term and do not give up.  

Building a reputation is like building a brand in which you have to prove yourself again and again so that people will trust you as well as stay loyal to you. In fact, this holds true for a lot of people, even large and small companies as well as even the most trusted brands.  

Because of that, David Emami shared some tips – based on personal experience – on how to build your reputation and brand. In order to make sure that you stay reputable and people will like your brand, here are the things that you can do:  

  1. You Should Be Authoritative 

Once you already know what your business or personal brand and reputation promises and stands for, never be afraid to flaunt it. In fact, it is very important that you make all the people believe that you are the authority and the leader in your area of specialization and expertise. This means that you should not meekly communicate your message. David Emami suggests that should say it with powerful conviction and words.   

  1. You Must Be Specific

It is also important that you know exactly what your brand stands for as well as your brand promises. The promise of your brand must be precise and attainable, and you must be able to clearly communicate it. For instance, do not just say that the brand you offer stands for quality. That is simply a broad statement that any company or individual can be able to make. How does your own brand specifically breathe and live quality? Those specifics are actually the things that will make your reputation and brand stand out among your competitors.  

  1. Be Consistent 

Furthermore, David Emami suggests that you get your brand message out there and never waiver on it. David Emami has read statistics in the past that says “as soon as you are tired of your message, people are just starting to recognize your brand.” This is why you should commit to the message of your brand. A consistent customer experience and message are actually the most important elements in order to build your brand and reputation. These tips actually apply to personal, product and company branding and reputation building. They are basic, simple rules that are very important to the overall success of your brand, which is why we suggest that you follow them.



Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking Brand New

A lot of new carpets come with a host of wear-resistant and stain assurance. However, the truth is that tear and wear could eventually make even the most luxurious carpet look dirty and old. Here are some tips for keeping your carpet look like brand new. 

  • Know What Damages Your Carpet 

A big part of keeping your carpet look new is knowing what causes it to be damaged. The main provider to tear and wear on your carpet is regular foot traffic. High-traffic areas, such as entryways and staircases, will show damage sooner than the corners of rooms or bedroom carpets. 

You have few options to lessen the damage. First is to change the furniture’s position in a well-traveled room to change traffic patterns and limit the number of your carpet’s furniture divots. Also, you could select to lay down carpet runners or rugs to absorb few amount of damage. Consider investing in a heavy underlay to help avoid damages if you are replacing an existing carpet or having a new carpet installed.  

  • Use Carpet Sprays 

Musty smell is one of the most popular signs of a damaged carpet. Skin cells, dander, pollen, dirt, and other elements find their way into the carpet. This gives rise to a sour smell that does not disappear even when vacuumed. You can help lessen this odor by using carpet sprays or air fresheners. However, keep in mind that they are only temporary solutions. 

  • Dealing Immediately with Spills 

If left unattended, even little spills can turn quickly into stains. One tip to keep your carpet look new is to deal with any spill as early as you can so it does not have time to set in. 

  • Dealing Set-in Stains 

Oftentimes, it is impossible to immediately deal with a spill, or if you have had a party, a spill may go unnoticed. You can use cold water and detergent to break it down if it is a food-based stain or other organic stains that has started to smell. Absorb as much water as possible, let it dry, then apply baking soda. To remove as much stain as possible, let the baking soda sit overnight. After, vacuum it up. Also, you can use commercial spot-stain removers. However, make sure to follow exactly the instructions. These products are strong and could damage carpets if you use too much of it. 

  • Dry and Steam Cleaning 

Keeping your carpet look new also means that you should take time to do minor things such as vacuuming and cleaning up stains and spills. However, it is also essential to do a deeper carpet cleaning, using either dry or steam cleaning to remove or break down stains. You may want to hire a professional cleaner that uses high-power dry cleaning chemicals or high-performance steam cleaning device if your carpet has not been cleaned thoroughly in the past few years. Click here if you want to hire the best carpet cleaner to clean your dirty carpets.